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Yesterday\’s IBD Editorial  offers a great snapshot of what is wrong with American governance today.  A large corporation messed up and created a situation where millions of lives can be affected as a result.  They do not have proper measures in place to deal with the situation since it is assumed the federal government will declare a state of emergency and deal with it.  Once the federal government gets around to finding a solution, they are more concerned with the “environmental impact” of the solution.  Meanwhile, the governor of the state most affected by this cannot try and protect the people of his state since he is handicapped by the federal bureaucracy.

In my humble opinion, the title of the article, Louisiana’s Jindal: Where’s Obama?, is incorrect.  The title should say Louisiana’s Jindal: Get the Heck out of the Way Obama.  BP should be responsible for plugging the hole and the clean up.  In other words, hold the free market responsible.  Louisiana should be allowed to do everything they can to keep the oil from washing ashore and/or ruining the fishing industry.  The people in that state are much more suited to determine the value of tax revenue etc that needs to be allocated to the project, rather than the inane federal regulations and taxes that are sure to be headed our way.  The EPA and other regulatory and inspection agencies are supposed to prevent catastrophes like this from occurring, or at least that is the fanciful argument cast upon us when they are instituted.

 Agree or disagree? What is your solution to the mayhem in the Gulf of Mexico?

  Daniel Dunn

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While I was happy to see Senator Alexander’s remarks on the Knoxville News Sentinel website , denouncing the windmill project off of the Massachusetts coast, I decided to do a little background research just to make sure Senator Alexander’s comments matched his own actions in terms of pork barrel spending.  Honestly, most people can be seen as hypocritical at some point and time, me not excluded. The potential for being labeled a hypocrite should not deter someone from speaking his or her mind if they observe a wrong. 

 After taking a look at the Senator’s website, in particular the section for proposed funding requests  for the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Alexander seems to be more than a little hypocritical in this instance.  While Senator Alexander sates the funding requests must meet the following criteria:

The project must have a compelling public purpose and a clear federal role.

Other funding sources – including local, state, and private – should be tried first.

Projects cannot depend on this funding indefinitely – there must be a plan to rely on other funding avenues.

The project must meet the same guidelines as every other project funded by the relevant federal department or agency.

It is hard to see where several of these pet projects meet those criteria, in particular the first project listed on the site, the Air Force Minority Leaders Program.  Unfortunately, I have not had the time to research the estimated pay off from such taxpayer investment, but I have a feeling it would be far less than the $20,000,000 requested. 

In the end, Senator Alexander is not the only legislator who dips his hand into the pork barrel in efforts to gain the favor of the voters back home, and the truth is it works.  However, these are desperate times.  With many losing employment and our country amassing an unsustainable debt, should not everyone tighten the belts a little bit?  As a representative to the people of Tennessee, should not Senator Alexander maybe look out for the state and say maybe we can tighten our belts in the interest of saving this country?  While this may not have played well in the political arena a few years ago, the moment is ripe for Senator Alexander and others to make this stand for fiscal responsibility and possibly be rewarded with another term in the US Senate.  Until then, I will be looking to cast my vote elsewhere. 

Daniel Dunn

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