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Misleading Justice

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Pre-4th Pondering on Two Defenders of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness


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Culture and Economic Decline

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Ya Gotta Match

I will shift from my usual landscaping memoirs to my other passion, the game of football.  I have now coached football in a part-time capacity going into my fourth year.  Similar to marriage, my relationship to coaching seems to get better with age.  Many of my best friends are also football coaches at the high school and collegiate level.  One coach, who mentors young men in the MAC conference, mentioned a phrase during one of our (not frequent enough) golf and dinner rendezvous. 

The phrase he shared with our group of confidants is “ya gotta match”.  “You have to match what you say, with what you do, with who you are.”   People, coaches in particular, can be susceptible to the ease of being lost in the simplicity of axioms.  However, this comment seemed to reach beyond a specific profession.  From sports, to business to politics, it seems as though we have lost the sense that words, actions, and beliefs mean something.

To justify the large budgets of high school and collegiate athletics, the reasoning most often presented is that there are certain attributes and long lasting characteristics that are taught and espoused in the athletic arena that are supposed to be a valued education of young women and men outside of an academic classroom.  Unfortunately, far too many coaches and players check these values at the door when it interferes with personal career expediency.  That is not to say athletics are detrimental to a society if the coaches and players can respond accordingly to the fame and fortune they are afforded in their lucrative profession.

The same can be said for our business leaders.  We are bombarded with advertising from different corporations proposing that they adhere to consumer and societal good while participating in business practices that are contrary to those ideals.  An easy example as of today could be BP who was hailed as a giant in the eco-friendly energy producing industry and the short comings are obvious.  While the current emergency in gulf may have been unavoidable, one has to wonder if their motives had more to do with producing consumer and environmentally conscience products and practices or gaining a larger share of the marketplace and crowding out competitors through legislation and false pretenses.

Finally, no better example could be made of a failure to match words, deeds, and philosophy than our own elected officials.  So many public servants are elected on campaign promises that seem to evaporate faster than a pot of boiling water.  This can be said for Republicans and Democrats.  Nowhere is this more evident than the ongoing Supreme Court nomination hearings.  Instead of a true probe of the nominee’s judicial competence, the hearings more often degenerate into political sound bites that are choreographed to play to the respective senator’s political base.  As concerned voters and citizens, it is well worth our time to observe, if our employment allows to note any hypocrisies and mismatches.

In the end, none of these arenas are immune to the pitfalls of human failure.  More importantly, these pitfalls cannot be regulated or legislated away.  The onus is on us as a people endowed with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to accept and prudently bear the responsibility accordingly.  With each passing day and each passing decision, we need to match with whom we place our cheers, our money, and our representation with what we say, what we do, and what we believe.  Good luck and God bless.

Daniel Dunn

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Silversmiths and Carpenters: The Craftsmen of the Fledgling Nation

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1776 will be the focus of our discussion at our July 16th meeting.  Happy Reading!

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