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Throw Out the Department of Education?

Should the Department of Education be abolished?  What would education look like without it?  What are the most important principles of an education?  How does all of this relate to a pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness?


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In an effort to facilitate more discussion, only one or two articles in regards to one issue each day.  Please comment and let your own opinion be known.

Huffington Post-Immigration


National Review-Immigration

Constitutionality of the law?  The Judges Ruling?  Any Ideas on how immigration should be handled?

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Are the Intellectual Elites Smart?

Trotsky and the Intellectuals

Educating the Intellectuals – Challenging or Reinforcing Beliefs?

Tea Parties and the Fight for Liberty

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The Moral Basis of Economic Liberty

Wages and Sustenance

We Don\’t Know How Great We Got It

Good Thing or TMI?

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State Nullification and Subsidiarity

Food Insurance?

Heavy Reading but Worth It

Surprise Surprise

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Whose Privacy Is Protected and What Rights Do We Have Anymore?

More Disturbing Findings in the \”Financial Reform\”

Insight on Intelligence

A Cardinal on Global Warming and Our Role in the West

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Being a Great Statesman in a Democratic Nation

A Moral Perspective on the Right to Privacy

Greek Debt Crisis – Hilarious

Atlas Shrugged

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