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The Old Times. The End Times, and Glenn Beck

Thought this interesting analysis of the Glenn Beck sponsored rally over the weekend and the seemingly growth of a “unsettled” mood of the citizenry of the United States.  Let us know what you think!


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Culture of Fear?

Does the author have a point?  Who embodies the culture of fear the most in today’s times?  Glenn Beck and other alarmist members of the free market media or governmental boards and agencies who report impending disasters if government action is not taken?  While a certain amount of fear and discernment of foriegn and domestic threats is prudent, we must remember to work towards rational actions based on faith based values, lest out life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness be stripped away by those measures put in place in the name of protecting those inalienable rights.

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The EPA and Gun Control

The EPA and gun control?  This article might be a bit alarmist, but given the recent overstps by our government, it is best to be cautious and prepare to gaurd against another infringement on our life, liberty, and pursuits of happiness.

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Thank you for your patience with the last minute thrown together gathering earlier this week, and I apologize to those who were unable attend due to the weekday setting.  The next meeting will be September 17th.  We will continue our abbreviated discussion of What Kind of Nation  as well as an exploration of the Federalist and anti-Federalist papers on the Judiciary.  Happy reading and have a great weekend.

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Revisiting a Classic

While we have not made it to this book in our readings, yet.  Thought it might be nice to take a sneak peek.  Also, the commentary of the willingness of the characters in the books to willingly abandon the books and fall easy prey to the revisionist history being spoon fed is quite alarming.  Is the greater threat to our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness the top-down government mandate or the erosion of the sense of responsibility to hold those rights as truths, protecting them at all costs?

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The Problem of Public Service Unions Part One

The Problem with Public Service Unions Part Two

How do you break the cycle of the government placing it voters on the dole not only through welfare, but through jobs, as well?  They are able to take the tax dollars to create employment for the best and brightest that is more lucrative and stable than what can be offered through the private. sector.

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Biblical America?

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