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Many thanks to all of those who attended the February meeting and discussion at the Downtown Grill and Brewery.  Special thanks to Jason Illari the Director of the Blount Mansion who provided a great tour of the historic Knoxvile landmark before our discussion of William Blount (First Territorial Governor of TN, First Elected Senator of TN, and First U.S. Official Impeached under the Powers of the newly formed Constitution).

Our next gathering will take place on the 12, 18, 25th of February.  Start letting me know now which date works best for you in the poll below.  Our theme of discussion will shift a bit, as we explore C.S. Lewis and Mere Christianity.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Keep the Faith, the Hope, and the Love as you continue to educate and promote Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happines and the responsibilities those inalienable rights.  Happy Reading!


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National Internet ID Forthcoming?  This article was submitted by our good friend over the hill, Trent. Many thanks to his watchful eyes cast upon one of the last true holdouts where freedom still exists.  While I certainly do not hope we move in this direction, unless we take the responsibility of informing those around us of these potential assaults on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happines it might only be a matter of time before an Orwellian America comes to fruition.

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Once again, a quick reminder to meet us at the Blount Mansion at 4pm Saturday January 22nd for a tour of the Mansion and the book discussion to follow at the nearby Downtown Grill and Brewery.  Most of you have let me know if you can make it or not.  I have RSVP’d for ten people so far so please let me know if you can make it ASAP in case I need to change our request. 

Also, please consider attending the TRL March 2011 being held the following day, Sunday, January 23rd starting at 2:00pm at Calvary Baptist Church with an indoor prayer service and presentation by WVLT anchor Alan Williams.  The march will move from the church to Tyson Park, across the street.  Shuttles will be provided to the cars back at the church.  Last year the march was held in a driving rainstorm and still attended by over 500 people.  While I try to stay away from non-profit event endorsements etc, I will use my privlege as most frequent poster to plug this in support of what I see as the most important and basic of the inalienable rights, LIFE.  For without the right to LIFE, what good are liberty and the pursuits of happiness?

Daniel Dunn

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What Now 2011?

The New Year has come, the sun continues to rise in the morning, taxes continue to be collected, and most importantly, the BCS Football Championship is on schedule for kickoff next Monday night.  Gold is not the only means of monetary exchange, our loved ones have yet to be condemned to the death panels, and the Chinese have yet to use their military might to collect on our massive IOU.  In other words, fire and brimstone has yet to consume the United States as it did Sodom and Gomorrah.  Although the reality trash of “Jersey Shore” makes one wonder what exactly was going on in those ancient towns to bring down judgment while we have been spared as of today.   

I say all of this, at the risk of being overly facetious, to probably ask more questions than I really hope to answer.  We all know we are closer to the end times than we were the day before, but are things really worse off and terminatingly imminent than we were as a human race 100 years ago during World War One?  The Church and “civilization” have survived the collapse of the Roman Empire, The Dark Ages, The Renaissance, and the Great Depression (please forgive the unscientific grouping of these ‘catastrophic events’…they are for illustrative purposes only.  Even pockets of democracy and Christianity have survived through the dictatorial governments of Communist China.  How much “woe is me talk” is excused from the Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of happiness folks before we should slap each other in the face and call each other a nation of wussies?

I dare to assume neither our familial or religious elders have ever made the claim that life will be easy.    However, we can find peace and comfort in the fact that our challenges are minute to those faced by other generations who have come before and those who will follow.  We can only do the best we can with what we have got.  We are who we are (God’s children born into a relatively free and comforting society), it is what it is (as part of God’s Divine Plan), we do what we do (defend Life, liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness and make sure we and those around us understand the responsibilities sautered to those inalienable rights).  Happy 2011!

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