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March Book and Meeting

Many thanks to Mr. Bud Albers for his hospitality and insight on the guided tour of the East Tennessee Historical Society this past Saturday.  If you have not gotten a chance to go, it is well worth the $5 fee.

Our next meeting will take place the weekend of March 16th or 23rd.  The book for the discussion is brief in text but large on content.  The Law by Frederic Bastiat.


Feel free to pass along supplemental readings to further our March discussion, as well.  Happy reading.


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Local – The Death Of Fountain City


State – Rep. Dunn taking on the Feds


Federal – Did the HHS hang the security of conscience with the rope the Catholic Church provided 80 years ago?



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The tour of Knoxville will begin at 1pm at the Knoxville Historical Society.  Mr. Albers is meeting Jacob and any other takers for lunch at the DGB prior to the tour and will make himself available for a wrap up session and discussion of our book Tennessee History: The Land, The People, and The Culture after the tour, as well.  Hope to see you all there.

With all of the recent developments in regards to marriage, Obamacare, and the debt, it is important to remember why we started meeting in the first place.  We wished to educate ourselves on the God-given Rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness in order to better articulate the defense of those Rights when we encounter, friends, family, and neighbors.   While not wishing to sound alarmist, it is important to increase these internal and external educational efforts as our current government seems to ignore, disregard, and/or seek to take these Rights away.

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A couple of weeks ago I attended Dr. Jim McIntyre’s State of the Schools address.  Just some bullet thoughts I will pass along.

-The Superintendent pushed for more magnet schools.  If this specialized learning is so great for kids, why the aversion to charter schools?

-The Superintendent pushed for more opportunities to pursue more opportunities for professional development.  That is great, but I hope the Superintendent does not expect the taxpayer to foot the bill on behalf of the instructors and administrators.  Workers in the private sectors often have to pay for their own professional development or at least the companies they work for.

-The Superintendent mentioned the Knox County schools are falling short of acceptable performance due to the amount of remedial course students are taking when they advance to colleges.  However, isn’t that the problem of the institutions that admit students who are not ready for colleges?

-The Superintendent also bemoaned the scale of the teacher pay.  Last I checked, there is not a shortage of teachers (The Knox County School System is one of the top 5 employers in Knox County) and the number of those preparing for careers as teachers are increasing.  Hard to make an argument that the profession cannot compete in the marketplace.

-Two Socialist/Communist/Marxist leaning positions the Superintendent recommended stuck out at me as major (pardon the pun) Red Flags.  The call for extended school days which is easy to see and the goal of having 100%  graduation rates and 90% of those students going on to higher education (this might be less obvious).  The unrealistic goals set by the Superintendent mirror those set in the liberty void nations in order to continuously grab more power to the state so they may try again to achieve the goal.  (Boxer- “I will work harder comes to mind).

-The State of the Schools  according to Dunn backs away from the abolition of state run schools to ease into a moderate position of turning the Public School System into a needs based Welfare Benefit.  Still potential for abuse, but it downsizes the bureaucracy immensely.

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Longwood Lockup


This link was provided by my sister, Katie, who is studying criminal justice at Oxford.  Hope you enjoy and comment!

Daniel Dunn

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