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I would like to encourage you to contact your County Commissioner and urge them NOT to vote in favor of the $35 million increase.  While I am very much in support of education, this increase in funding has many flaws.  My concerns are the following:

-We cannot afford this increase.  With most residents battling high fuel costs and tough economic conditions, the answer is not to implement additional taxation burdens as they already tighten their own household budget belt.  Many of those who have lived in Knox County for most if not all of their lives and those who have recently come to the area love living here because we try to live within our means, have relatively low taxation, and there is minimal government intrusion.  Rather than following in the footsteps of the states and municipalities around the country that are going belly up, we should continue to live by the principles of prudence and liberty.

-The increased taxation will come in the form of property taxes.  People who work hard to own a home and/or business property will again be footing the bill, while those who do not contribute to the Knox County tax base will not contribute even a minimal amount to have their children educated and cared for. Much ado has been made about the “business leadership” of Knoxville supporting this increase.  It is amazing to see how many projects in Knox County are allowed TIFs (Tax Increment Financing) on construction and developments to allow them to build on the backs of the tax payers.  If money is the solution, these business leaders need to cut a check directly to the school systems and leverage the foundations etc they belong to in order to secure this capital that will supposedly work miracles.

-If the additional funding is approved, there are no concrete definitions of success by the recieving school system.  Many in support of the increase argue this is an investment in the future of Knox County.  Most investors require stringent detailed plans to obtain information to determine the potential success or failure of the investment.  They also tend to want a timetable on when that investment will be deemed a success or a failure.  It is interesting how the burden of proof is much lighter when the discussion revolves around the money in someone else’s pocket.  The most concrete goal I have heard of is to put an iPad in the hands of each student.  Before I stray too far down the path of the lunacy of that proposal, I will reel myself back in to recommend the school system reevaluate its needs, purpose, goals with additional funding.  A timetable to achieve these can then be placed on the funding.  If the goals are not met by that time, the funding will be taken away and “invested” in other departments.  Better yet, maybe there can be a decrease in taxes!

-Finally, the proposed increase makes no mention of charter schools or vouchers.  These are actual aggressive and innovative solutions to education concerns that have been shown to work across the country.  Rather than a lottery determining whether or not a child can attend the much praised STEM Academy, why not let each parent find the best environment and curriculum for learning that can be made available to them?  It also encourages parental involvement and responsibility in the process of truly educating their child rather than the what can be perceived as dropping the kid off at the door at K (or heaven forbid pre-K) allowing the government to prod the kid through the system to a piece of paper at the end of high school that may or may not prove the child is educated.      

Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.

Daniel Dunn


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America the Beautiful

Be sure to think of and thank all of those who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice to maintain its beauty and Liberty in Law.

Some movie selections to take a break from the heat are The Patriot, Braveheart, and We Were Soldiers.  Although Mel seems to have lost some of his sanity and good judgement, he certainly played tremendous roles in films with redeeming messages of standing up for for what you believe in and fighting the good fight for freedom.

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Hope you have had a chance to order St. Augustine’s The City of God.  Britton reccomends the abridged version.  Below are some informative and thought provoking links to ponder in addition to your required reading 🙂




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Please let me know in the comments section if Friday June 15th or Friday June 22nd will be the best date for us to meet at The Longwood Institute to discuss this month’s selected reading, The City of God.  Below is the Amazon link.  Hapy reading and let’s have a tremendous turnout for our 3 year anniversary!  Bring a friend!



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Could 2012 be America ‘s Last Presidential Election?

 I’ve asked this question to a number of people and most of them respond as if I

were crazy. They tell me that this is America , land of the free and that there

will always be elections. I tell them that we are no longer the land of the

free and that if Obama gets re-elected in 2012 that this just may be America ‘s last

election. In the past three years, the Obama administration has been very carefully

crafting the nation for a political take over by his Marxist regime and this

isn’t just my opinion.


Popular radio talk show host (of the Savage Nation on the Talk Radio Network),

Michael Savage is the son of Russian immigrants and is very familiar with

Soviet and European history. Savage warned his listeners this week saying, “I have to

tell you that if this man, God forbid, is the next president of the United

States, we’re going to be living in something along the lines of – people say

Europe. I don’t believe it’s going to be like Europe – I think it will be

closer to Chavez’s South American dictatorship.

“This is the most corrupt, incompetent, dangerous tyrannical administration in


American history. It’s not politics as usual. It’s not just Democrats versus


Republicans. Obama has a long history of being at odds with American values and


with America itself and the core principles of this country. They don’t want


government-sponsored opinions. They only want government-sponsored ‘Pravda.’


That’s exactly what the government-media complex tells you on a daily basis –


nothing but the government-media complex party line. Pay attention. Your


freedom may be at stake.


 “Over the weekend, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum told a small


group of people in an Iowa coffee house that, “Barack Obama is not incompetent,


ladies and gentleman. He knows exactly what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.


He sees America differently than you see America .


 [Obama] has gone out of his way to divide this country in a way I haven’t seen


since the Great Depression when Franklin Roosevelt went around to divide his


country. That’s his hero. What makes America great [in Obama’s mind is that]


the government takes money from somebody and gives it to somebody else. No, that’s


what makes America , France .

“With his control over the Executive and Judicial branches of the government,


the stage is set for a complete takeover of the government. Think about


it. Since taking office, instead of helping the economy, Obama has purposely escalated


the economic crisis by plunging the country into unprecedented debt. He has a


number of programs that are designed to go into effect in January 2013, just in time


for his second term of office. The economic burden and increased taxes on


everyone will be enough to cause the final economic collapse of the country. As


soon as that happens, Obama declares Martial Law and assumes dictatorial


control of the nation.




The Department of Justice has already been subverting federal laws to strip us


of a number of freedoms. The Supreme Court and many of the other federal courts


have been seeded with socialistic liberal judges that will rule in Obama’s


favor on virtually anything, thus ending constitutional rule and law.




He’s already changing the face of America ‘s military. Allowing homosexuals to


openly serve along with changing the retirement program is causing many


conservative military leaders to resign commissions and leave the military.


Some Pentagon officials are also noting that an increase in the enlistment of


radical Muslims into the US military where they get all the training they need on


weapons and defense systems. We have no idea how many of them there are in the


armed forces or in what positions they may hold.

Obama has been wielding executive powers this past year as if he were already a


dictator. When Congress is not doing his bidding, he simply bypasses them and


used an executive order to accomplish it anyway. This has set the stage for his


disbandment of Congress. He would not be the first world leader to take control


of a nation and disband the legislative branch of government.




He has been effectively using the media to anesthetize the public to the


dangers he poses. Like a patient being prepped for surgery, people are numb to the


changes and won’t have a clue what took place until they wake up in recovery


and realize that free America has been removed and replaced with a regime that may


parallel those of Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler, Chavez and Castro.




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Some suggested reading that might be additional fodder for discussion on Sunday.



Also, I recently encountered a Fountain City resident who was allegedly invaded and placed in the back of a patrol car by the Knoxville Police without a warrant or actual identification by the KPD based off of some unknown person making an erroneous phone call making a claim that someone at the address was threatening to harm themselves. This was a couple old enough to collect social security and would have been obvious to a discerning eye and ear that the call was phony and/or the authorities had responded to the incorrect address. A tidbit to ponder as we think of the relationship between order in society and individual liberties, especially in a an area of East Tennessee where we might feel immune to the overreaching intrusion of the government.

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Due to Britton throwing logs and hammers on Saturday at the Highland Games at Maryville College on Saturday (go cheer him on), we will have our next discussion over Liberty Defined at 1pm at the Downtown Grill and Brewery Sunday May 20th.  Come read and ready.  Also, be thinking ahead for our next selection.  Thanks.

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