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Jacob Kurtz, being a sound minded and well rounded republican, has come across a very interesting individual named Bud Albers who happens to be a major contributor to the Knoxville Historical society.  Bud Albers in his endless pursuit of education and knowledge has extended his hand to the Longwood Institute in the form of a personalized guided tour of the Knoxville Historical society and its works.  They have a physical location in downtown Knoxville.  The admission fee is $5.00 per head and I( Jacob) am happy to cover that for all that attend.

We would like to know( and very soon) whether the 3rd or 4th Friday of February would be a good time to meet and learn about Knoxville.  It could also be the 3rd or 4th Saturday.  We must keep fresh in our minds that we must accommodate our gracious personal tour guide.  I will run these dates by him tomorrow.   Again, I would like to reiterate that the $5.00 entry fee will be gladly covered by me( Jacob Republican Ron Paul Kurtz the Third)

Thannnnnnnks and sorry for the misspellings.


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